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What does a publication and advertsing designer do?

A publication designer develops and creates the overall layout and production design for books, magazines, brochures, catalogs and corporate reports. While an advertising designer works with an agency, group, firm or organization to produce effective campaigns for ads. I work closely with clients and companies to convey a message using type, photography, illustration and color.


Being a publication and advertising designer is a huge responsibility requiring creativity, full comprehension of the content, and even some marketing business skills that aside from determining the essence of the idea you also need to understand what aspects make it marketable.

Get to Know Me

About Me

I’m Benedicto Cernal III, a graphic designer & visual artist with over 5 years of experience in publication and advertising design. My approach to each project is a problem solving design based process. It is a design thinking where I analyze and synthesize problems to create best solutions or best “creative & technical ideas” for each project.


Most of my design styles are based on print, online ad and outdoor. While my style is diverse, each project I’ve done is based from my client’s perspectives and my art suggestion that combines one or two genres in one design. Every project I’ve work carries enough significance to cut through today’s trends and rise above the competition.

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